The Academy celebrates revival: New splendor and expanded offerings

Already in July 2020, the first courses of the new experiential education and outdoor guide training of the OUTWARD BOUND Academy will start. OUTWARD BOUND Germany thus continues its long-standing tradition in training and further education. Since the first OUTWARD BOUND experiential education training (ZAB) began almost 30 years ago, well over 1000 participants* have successfully completed the training with great satisfaction. Now you have the choice between the training as an outdoor guide with 22 course days and the experiential education training with a course length of 32 days. Furthermore, starting in November 2020, the experiential therapy training of OUTWARD BOUND Germany will be launched with great vigor and new impulses. You can look forward to an extensive holistic training program with qualified speakers. In addition to the three training courses, you can also book individual specialized courses such as climbing and rope elements, wilderness knowledge, canoeing and sea kayaking, or experiential learning projects.