Internal further training to become an experiential educator

Further training as an experiential educator


We are expanding our team of trainers as part of our internal experiential education program

OUTWARD BOUND Germany is a leading provider of experiential education programs and part of the worldwide network of OUTWARD BOUND International. Our two main locations are in Schwangau and in Baad. We also organize “mobile” courses in central and northern Germany. As every year, we offer a compensated OUTWARD BOUND trainee program lasting several months. You will learn to independently design, moderate and implement experiential education programs. During the training you will acquire movement-related (cooperative games, climbing garden, mountain climbing, top-rope climbing, boating and cycling, cross-country skiing, skiing, snowshoeing) and pedagogical skills (group dynamics, communication). You will further develop your personality (leadership, taking responsibility) and learn how OUTWARD BOUND Germany teaches the course participants content related to professional sports and pedagogical skills (group dynamics, communication, etc.).

The further training as an experiential educator entitles you to work with different target groups (school classes, trainees, groups with special needs) in an experiential education context.

Continuing education framework


Mid March until end of November


Depending on health insurance approx. 290,00 Euro/month

Other info:

The deadline for applications for the internal trainee program is the end of January.

The further training to become an OUTWARD BOUND experiential educator is confirmed by means of a corresponding certificate.

If required and desired, accommodation and meals can be provided at our locations in Baad and Schwangau.

Training structure

Detailed job description

What we expect from you:

  • Enjoy working with young people
  • A social vein
  • Presence within the framework of a 5-day week
  • Openness, flexibility, resilience and commitment
  • Enjoyment of working in a team
  • Physical and mental endurance
  • Previous pedagogical experience / pedagogical knowledge
  • Movement experience / training in climbing, hiking or winter sports advantageous
  • A long-term ambition to be active in this field

Your application should include (by mail max. 3 MB file size):

  • A letter of motivation – “What attracts you to OUTWARD BOUND training? What are your goals?”
  • Your resume
  • Evidence of previous experience/qualifications

Frequently asked questions about internal training at OUTWARD BOUND:

What is the value of continuing education?
The market value of training as an experiential education trainer with other providers varies from €5,500 to €10,000.

Where do I live?
If required, you can stay free of charge on the premises of the OUTWARD BOUND locations in Baad and Schwangau.

How do I care for myself?
During the course hours you are catered for. In the course-free time after arrangement.

What other costs will I incur?
Your own telephone expenses if you like to buy certain groceries yourself, possibly bus/train fare for free/holiday time. Cost of equipment and outdoor clothing.

Can I start the trainee program earlier?
At the Baader site it is possible to work from January to the end of October. For this you need a certificate of candidacy for ski instructor. By starting earlier, you would allow yourself the prerequisite of working as a freelance trainer year-round.

How many vacation days do I have?
You have a vacation entitlement of 2 days per month.

How will I be guided as an OB Trainee?
The program managers or a contact person designated by the program managers are considered the first point of contact. The second contact person is the trained and experienced trainers who are directly involved in the course or in the parallel course.

What does the certificate that is issued at the end do for me?
With the certificate it is possible to work for OUTWARD BOUND as a trainer* for student groups as a freelance trainer. It is also proof of having completed an experiential education course with the most renowned experiential education provider in the world. With the degree you can then, for example. also have your training certified by be (Bundesverband Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik).
If you would like to gain a lot of new experience, work for an experiential education provider on a long-term basis and receive the best possible training for this, then please send us your application, stating your desired location (Baad, Schwangau, North), by e-mail to

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