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Do you want to support OUTWARD BOUND? Whether as private donator, company, or as part of a charity / foundation, we look forward to any donation. Consequently as a non-profit organization we can issue a donation receipt. At the moment we specifically ask for help for certain projects.

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The OUTWARD BOUND registered association supports the work of the different centres frequently and sustainably. Become part of our community and make sure that our work will also be part of the individual's education another 60 years from now on.

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Our current projects

Abenteuererlebnisse für trauernde Kinder und Jugendliche:

Wir möchten auch vermehrt Einzelpersonen mit verschiedenen sozialen Hintergründen in Ihrer persönlichen Entwicklung unterstützen. Nach den ersten erfolgreichen Kursen in 2016 für diese Zielgruppen planen wir derzeit für 2017 einen 7-tägigen Kurs in den Allgäuer Alpen für trauernde Kinder und Jugendliche umzusetzen! Um diesen Kurs möglichst vielen betroffenen Kindern ermöglichen zu können brauchen wir Ihre Unterstützung. So können wir die Kursgebühr für die betroffenen Kinder und deren oft allein erziehenden Eltern durch Spenden niedrig halten und den Kindern die Teilnahme an einem unserer Kurse mit all Ihren positiven Erfahrungen erst ermöglichen!

Standup-Paddling and Canoeing:

To further develop our personality development courses for young adults, and to teach environmental awareness, we are constantly thinking about new means to reach our participants. In this context we want to integrate Stand-Up-Paddeling (SUP) and canoeing into our program. We are convinced that this activity offers great potential to teach our values and philosophy. If you are interested in the project, you can find more information on the donation platform


Our courses in the mountains are based on high quality and consequently professional safety which includes a high demand in equipment. Only participants who are well-equipped can enjoy the nature and concentrate on the environment. Also during the participant's spare- or informal time we want to offer the young adults some variety. In this context we would look forward to any kind of donations.

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The OUTWARD BOUND association supports our work in the different centres frequently and sustainably. Also your expertise can help us grow and will exist another 60 years from now. 

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