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Summer Camps 2020 - your Adventure

New dates all over the summer

Dates and Locations

Minimum number of participants is 6. With less registrations the course can't take place. In case of few registrations (under 20), OUTWARD BOUND reserves the right to combine courses in Baad and Schwangau. Info 4 weeks before course start.

Registration deadline is 4 weeks before course start.

Summer Camps 

> Standard: Duration: 7 Days (Sunday - Saturday)    Price 2020:  510€

> Combine 2 weeks to a Summer Camp Large: Duration: 14 days Price 2020: 580€

North Baad Schwangau
26.07.-01.08. 26.07.-01.08. - booked out  
02.-08.08. 02.-08.08.- booked out 02.-08.08.



Location North: Kröchlendorff on the Mecklenburg Lake District

Sample program sequences for the North location: Download Program North

Location Schwangau (Bavaria): Pre-Alpine landscape and Allgäu lakes 

Exemplary program sequences for the location Schwangau Download Program Schwangau

Location Baad (Kleinwalsertal): Alpine mountain landscape 

Exemplary program sequences for the Baad site: Download Program Baad

Expedition from Baad to Schwangau:
> Duration: 8 days (Sunday to Sunday) Price 2020:  580€

> suitable from 14 years, good physical condition and surefootedness necessary



26.07. - 02.08.2020 - booked out
09.08. - 16.08.2020 - booked out


Expedition: Baad -> Schwangau: 6 days on foot, by bike and by canoe, overnight stay in huts and outside in the bivouac (recommended from 14 years, good physical condition and surefootedness necessary)

Programme sequence and further information about the "Expedition": Download Programme Expedition

Family Camps:
> Duration: 8 days (Sunday to Sunday) 

> Price 2020 (Corona Special):  450€/adult, 300€/1st child 250€/every other child

North Baad Schwangau


Supervision: The children and teenagers are divided into small groups and are supervised by our trained adventure teachers during the day. The main program takes place from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. In the evening there is a voluntary evening program (e.g. campfire, group games, torchlight walk...), organised by one instructor and many individual leisure activities (table tennis, party cellar with music system, billiard, board games...). Even at night, an adult person is on standby and always available.

Tip for locals: Our Summer Camps can also be booked without an overnight stay. If you live nearby, you can pick up the children for the night (except the overnight stay outside, this is part of the program).

! CoVid 19 ! Important information !

We consider the legal regulations for the containment of the corona virus of the respective ministries within our courses and seminars including accommodation and catering in our seminar houses. Please support us in complying with these regulations by appropriate behaviour.

Should new regulations arise at short notice which make it impossible to hold a course, special cancellation conditions apply, so that you will not incur any costs or these will be refunded. Travel expenses cannot be refunded by OUTWARD BOUND.

Baad is located in the Kleinwalsertal and thus in Austria. Since Kleinwalsertal is an enclave and belongs to the German economic area, entry from Germany is allowed and free of risk!

Contact and registration

Price list:

  Price 2020 
Summercamp Standard 510 €
Summercamp Large 850 €
Summercamp Expedition 580 €
Family Camp 450€ /300€ /200€


Please fill out the order-confirmation and the medical questionnaire carefully and completely and send back the documents at least 4 weeks before the start of the course by e-mail or by post to the respective location. Together with the deposit your registration is then complete and confirmed.

Family Camp: Please fill out an extra medical questionnaire for each family member. Thanks!

Registration documents: 

Registration deadline is 4 weeks before course start!

Enrollment Summer Camp Standard / Large / Expedition

Enrollment Family Camp

Medical questionnaire