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Other possible locations for your course

In tent, bivouac, mobile or in other locations and hostels

In addition to our two training centers in Baad and Schwangau in the wild south, we also manage “mobile outdoor training” in the most beautiful areas of Germany. The accommodations are planned here in changing hostels and lodgings, such as in the Kröchlendorff Castle or also in the bivouac, wildly romantic under the open starry sky.

Wandererlebnis in Gebirgen und Hochland für Kinder, Jugendliche, Familien und Schulklassen.
Wandererlebnis in Gebirgen und Hochland für Kinder, Jugendliche, Familien und Schulklassen.
Wandererlebnis in Gebirgen und Hochland für Kinder, Jugendliche, Familien und Schulklassen.

Provide fantastic natural scenery:

  • the picturesque Lüneburg Heath
  • the Uckermark, also called the “Tuscany of the North
  • The Ore Mountains
  • the Spreewald
  • Bohemian Switzerland

with changing accommodations:

  • Kröchlendorff Castle, Uckermark
  • Vysoká Lípa, Bohemian Switzerland
  • DJH Köthener Lake, Spreewald
  • Home adult education center Celle
  • Youth Training Center Diocese of Hildesheim, Holle
  • Academy at the Koppelsberg, Lake Plön
  • DJH Flessenow, Lake Schwerin, Dobin

Kolbatz mill (Uckermark)

Starting from Kröchlendorff Castle, courses lead to the Team Mobil North Kolbatz Mill, where participants spend the night in rustic wooden huts. Their multi-day canoe trips start from here, where they can sleep under the stars and cross the many lakes of the Uckermark. New outdoor and social skills are learned and directly applied, leading to a high increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Weather in the Uckermark

Köthen (Spreewald)

Our beautiful location in the Spreewald is near the youth hostel “Köthener See” and directly on the lake shore of the same name.Here we experience days full of canoeing, kayaking or hiking through the hills and forests of the nature reserve. By far the best and most varied buffet can be found in this place. Overnight stay is in shared rooms or cabins, and there is also the possibility of pitching the tents directly on the meadows on the lakeshore.

Brandenburg weather

Vysoká Lípa (Bohemian Switzerland)

Just over the Czech border, these courses take place in the Bohemian Mountains. The expeditions take you along rugged rocky peaks and narrow streams to historic sites. The breathtaking scenery frames our activities in the small Czech community: bivouacking in stone caves and under the open sky, rappelling down abandoned rock castles, and tracking fresh water. And every time you return, the yellow houses of the Hofberg wave a warm welcome from afar.

Pension Hofberg
Hotel Vysokalipa
Pension Zvonecek
Weather in Bohemian Switzerland

Johann-Georgenstadt (Ore Mountains)

Johann-Georgenstadt is located on the Saxon-Bohemian border. Amidst the deep, forested mountainous region, the area offers excellent opportunities for our courses. The 1.019m high Auersberg rises as the highest elevation from the landscape. The region is known as the most forested region in Saxony and holds over 400km of hiking routes and nature trails.
If you have any questions or are interested, please contact:

Contact Germany wide

Contact Germany wide


Mobile places (camp life)

Camp life in different places

Here you will find experiential education with nature as your teacher and you will experience yourself in the middle of it all as part of our ecology. You will roam through fields, forests, meadows… explore the mountain worlds or glide with canoes over quiet lakes and rivers. Accommodated in high-quality multi-person tents, a special “camp feeling” is created wildly romantic and close to nature under the stars. Assumption of responsibility and self-organization rise to new dimensions here. Cooking for the whole group can be learned independently at fireplaces with the simplest of means, and in the evening you can comfortably listen to the sounds of the guitar. In case of inclement weather, we have alternate options and we have (conditionally) a dining room and lounge available. Depending on the learning objective, the camps are equipped like a full-fledged “campsite” or quite spartan as a bivouac site. Let our program managers advise you on this.

Provide nature-based experiences:

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact:

Contact Schwangau

Contact Schwangau


Nature Sports & Teamwork

Through nature sports and challenging project tasks, we motivate our participants to jump over their shadows and to consciously experience themselves and their group in a new way.