Outward Bound Germany

Experience adventures and learn about limits: Your chance!

If your employer allows you to stay at one of OUTWARD BOUND’s locations, you will climb together with the other trainees/students in summer or winter, spend the night in a hut or bivouac, (snowshoe) hike or build a rope bridge – in short: experience adventure and learn about limits.

You should know that:

We will challenge you! We want to give you the opportunity to experience something new, to take on responsibility, to test your limits in many ways, to get to know yourself and your colleagues (anew) and to develop yourself further!

Contents of our trainings

  • In our program, this includes doing something for each other and relying on each other. These are the basics for working together later on in the workshop or office.
  • Like your company, we value punctuality and careful work, we will practice this with you in many different situations and always give you feedback on it.
  • We will talk about your role in the training facility or what your instructor expects from you.
  • We can show you ways to integrate more easily into departments or how to appear more competent when giving presentations in front of an “audience”.
  • The right approach to tasks will also be a big topic during your stay with us.

What is important before your arrival:

  • Please use the medical self-disclosure form to indicate any health impairments! We read the sheet only on the day of your arrival! So if there are any important hints from your side, please contact us BEFORE your arrival! If we don’t hear from you, we assume that everything is fine with you.
  • Enjoy reading all the information on this website – especially our philosophy!

We look forward to working with you! Good luck for your stay!

Your team from OUTWARD BOUND!

Self- & social competence

Our goal is to encourage the individual young person in his or her self-assessment, social competence and shared responsibility for the community and nature.

Assume responsibility

We support our participants in taking charge of their own lives as self-responsible, self-confident individuals and in preparing for the great journey into life.