Outward Bound Germany

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with over 65 years of experience, competence and innovation for in-company education and training

Customized program for your individual needs

We are able to take your company’s needs and goals and, in consultation with you, develop a training program that is aligned with your company’s values, goals and culture. Thus, the content focus, program modules as well as the length are individually tailored to your needs in order to ensure the greatest possible and sustainable learning success. Through our qualified and motivated staff, as well as our holistic proven seminar concept, we thus support your trainees in their development as individuals, in their role as employees and in their cooperation in teams.

Our work is effective and sustainable

The view of the respective experiences and the processes taking place help the trainees to gain knowledge and to transfer it profitably into the operational practice. In this way, appropriate reflection on the experiences and professional transfer moderation ensure that the experiences can have an impact in everyday professional life beyond the seminar.

What we offer:

  • Systematic qualification of your trainees across all 3 apprenticeship years.
  • Alpine and educational professionally trained trainers who are familiar with the environment.
  • Customized programs tailored to your specific needs and those of your trainees.
  • The entire organization of the stay (except arrival and departure).
  • A daily optional evening program.
  • Daily support until 11 pm by the trainer on duty.
  • For emergencies a contact person overnight in the house.
  • First aid and medical offices on site.
  • Alternative programs in case of bad weather.
  • Lending of the necessary equipment adapted to the program (e.g. helmets, shoes, backpack, sleeping bag, climbing materials).

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Valuable insights for trainers and educators

Practical action in unfamiliar, challenging situations usually reveals completely new sides of their personality. This makes it possible to obtain specially tailored development measures that can help improve the work situation.

We use nature and our outdoor activities as a medium to address the following topics:

  • Increase in motivation, corporate identity and employee commitment
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Handling company resources
  • Improvement of self-management
  • Punctuality and diligence
  • Create or expand trusting relationships
  • Building a Team Performance
  • Increasing the ability to communicate and cooperate
  • Improving the ability to deal with conflict and thereby reducing friction losses
  • Improvement of presentation techniques and project knowledge
  • Practice respectful feedback
  • Improving the attractiveness of the employer

We offer the following outdoor activities:

  • Climbing on the house wall / indoor or on the rock
  • go to the heights of the high ropes course
  • Flying Fox
  • Abseiling
  • Raft building, canoe tours or Stand Up Paddeling (SUP)
  • Experience mountain tours on foot
  • bivouac under the open sky
  • summer and winter stay in a mountain hut
  • Day trips by bike
  • Streambed Hikes
  • Snowshoeing, skiing, -tour or cross-country skiing
  • bivouac in snow caves
  • subsequent reflection of the experience

Securing results and the transfer to the workplace

Identification with the company is noticeably increased and relations with each other and with the trainers improve. Our customers report a significantly more effective learning and working environment. This in turn benefits everyone involved in the work process and increases efficiency within the company – especially when work is carried out across departments and locations.

Customer testimonials

Are you interested in what customers think about our content, programs and the organization of our personality-building seminars?
Please feel free to ask and we will offer you contacts to training managers in other companies!

Everything was well organized and planned. Outwardbound team leader Werner Marderebner knew how to deal with the trainees in an excellent way, motivate them and establish a good human contact… an incomparable experience.
Jörg Götzinger, Oswald Electric Motors

Assume responsibility

We support our participants in taking charge of their own lives as self-responsible, self-confident individuals and in preparing for the great journey into life.

Nature Sports & Teamwork

Through nature sports and challenging project tasks, we motivate our participants to jump over their shadows and to consciously experience themselves and their group in a new way.