Outward Bound Germany

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What does OUTWARD BOUND mean?

OUTWARD BOUND is a term from seafaring and means that a ship is ready to sail and is emblematic of departure for holistic learning experiences.

Do we have to eat frogs?

Please don’t, there are so few left. OUTWARD BOUND seminars are not survival trainings.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge or do I need to prepare?

No, you will learn all the required techniques, e.g. belaying while climbing, during the seminar.

Do I have to buy expensive outdoor equipment especially for the seminar?

No, we will gladly provide you with technical equipment. Normally the normal clothes are enough, if necessary we also lend jackets or mountain boots.

Are your seminars dangerous?

Your safety is our top priority. Our trainers work according to internationally recognized and continuously adapted safety concepts.

How is the food?

Good, fresh, vegetarian on request and sufficient even for hungry teenagers. On tour you cook yourself – then your cooking skills are crucial.

What services are included in the seminar price?

Conception and implementation of your outdoor seminar by qualified trainers, accommodation and complete catering, outdoor safety material, certificate of participation and accident insurance for all participants.

Who assumes the supervisory duty or responsibility?

During the seminar activities the supervision is taken over by our trainers, in the evening by the accompanying persons.

What training do your trainers have?

All OUTWARD BOUND trainers have pedagogical and methodological qualifications, experiential education training and specialist sports certificates.

Self- & social competence

Our goal is to encourage the individual young person in his or her self-assessment, social competence and shared responsibility for the community and nature.