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OUTWARD BOUND Germany has been combining tradition and innovation for 70 years with its holistic, action-oriented approach.

As a globally networked experiential education provider and member of OUTWARD BOUND International, OUTWARD BOUND Germany offers sustainable learning experiences in nature with its programs for personality and team development. A mindful approach to people and nature is the basis of OUTWARD BOUND’s work. The humanistic image of man and a climate-conscious, sustainable program design (leave no trace) are our guiding principles.

For 30 years OUTWARD BOUND Germany has been offering training and further education for experiential education with the Academy. Already in 1993 the first experiential education training (ZAB) of OUTWARD BOUND went on the German-speaking market and was a great success from the beginning. OUTWARD BOUND Germany is a member of the Bundesverband Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik (Federal Association for Individual and Experiential Education) and offers, in addition to the two training courses, a variety of advanced training courses that are structured according to national and international safety standards and are staffed with experienced trainers* who are qualified in pedagogy as well as in sports.

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Through nature sports and challenging project tasks, we motivate our participants to jump over their shadows and to consciously experience themselves and their group in a new way.