Outward Bound Germany

Our work with values

Our value compass keeps us from losing sight of our goal and points in four directions.
“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Care & Responsibility

Each individual takes responsibility for himself, the group, nature and material resources. The ability to work conscientiously and accurately promotes self-confidence and trust in the group. Whoever bears responsibility is also entrusted with something. Responsibility therefore also goes hand in hand with care. Diligence means considering all the implications of a decision. We convey the immediate consequences of self-made decisions – for better or for worse. That is why we hand over responsibility to the participants in our courses – carefully and in moderation – and thus make it directly tangible.


Human sympathy

Constantly on the path of self-realization and living out individual freedom? We demand not only to consider one’s own area of responsibility, but to perceive the people involved in it and to become sensitive to their needs. Mutual support ensures trust and a sense of belonging within a group. Building positive relationships in everyday life or at work requires a realistic self-assessment and the ability to constructively accept the external image reflected by the group. We therefore create situations in which people can practice respecting different opinions, tolerating differences and showing empathy.


Since the will is the strongest muscle of man, we continue even if it becomes exhausting and uncomfortable. This includes the willingness to actively stick to a new task and work on it effectively over a longer period of time, even if it is externally determined. Uncomfortable conditions like the weather or flaring social conflicts will put you to the test. We show methods how to train endurance and how to deal with stress or time pressure. This requires realistic self-assessment and knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, one’s own and those of others, as well as the ability to give authentic and sincere information. Feel boundaries and grow from them. In our courses we present you with situations that require overcoming in order to rediscover and challenge hidden strength – physically as well as mentally. That’s how we become strong – together – not in competition.


Courageously take the lead, speak up and act. For us, this means stimulating processes in courses, in everyday life and also in the company, shaping them constructively, accompanying them critically and thus contributing to the successful completion of tasks. This requires self-confidence, clear vision of work to be done, gathering information independently, and taking responsibility. We show you how interaction is lived through communication and cooperation. In our courses, we specifically set corresponding tasks and leave room for your own solution suggestions, decisions and design possibilities.

Self- & social competence

Our goal is to encourage the individual young person in his or her self-assessment, social competence and shared responsibility for the community and nature.