Outward Bound Germany

Our goals

Personal competence

Challenge yourself. Learn to deal with success and failure. Grow beyond your limits. Deal with your own values, goals and boundaries. Take responsibility for your actions. Be confident, trust in your ability and work carefully.

Social competence

Act in a team, get involved and master challenges together with others. Give feedback and learn to accept feedback. Show understanding, interest and willingness to help. Be trustworthy and trust in others.

Understanding nature

Get involved with your group, your thoughts, and nature. Dare to experiment: a time without internet, cell phone, mp3 player, books. Move in nature and leave as few traces as possible! We will show you how beautiful nature can be and that it is worth respecting!

Social awareness

Think of your group as a community. Represent your own opinion, but also respect the opinion of others. Take responsibility for others. Experience your influence. Solve conflicts, get involved and take the initiative! See yourself as part of the big picture.

Nature Sports & Teamwork

Through nature sports and challenging project tasks, we motivate our participants to jump over their shadows and to consciously experience themselves and their group in a new way.