Outward Bound Germany

Adventures for life

“We will challenge you! We want to create an exciting time with you and experience adventures! We want to give you the opportunity to experience new things, to take on responsibility, to test your limits in many ways, to get to know yourself and your classmates or colleagues in a new way, to develop yourself and to be proud of yourself!

Our way of working

“Learning through experience”
… with head, heart and hand as the central starting point of our work in courses


In the challenge and subjective borderline experience through new, perhaps even seemingly impossible tasks, lies the chance to rethink habitual behavior patterns, to try out variations and finally to set and tackle new goals with increased self-confidence.

Group control

If groups are to grow, they need a free space in which they can negotiate roles, deal with conflicts and make mistakes. We create this framework in which the group acts on its own responsibility and increasingly independently and accompany them in this process.

Reflection and transfer

Regular rounds for opinions, reviews and evaluations are a permanent part of our programs. In a trusting environment, we discuss behavior or the quality of cooperation with a focus on the individual and the groups. Furthermore, we provide the basis for productive feedback. All this provides the basis for a transfer of knowledge into the everyday life of our participants, which in turn ensures the sustainability of the experience.


Cognitive, affective, motor and social learning opportunities challenge and nurture people holistically. Our participants master athletic, social, creative and organizational tasks in the course of the courses – with head, heart and hand. The activities are coordinated in a process-oriented manner, while the intended goals apply to the entire stay at OUTWARD BOUND and, above all, should have an effect beyond that.



We work exclusively with trainers who are highly qualified in pedagogy and sports and adapt our courses individually and process-oriented to the needs of our customers.