Outward Bound Germany


The term OUTWARD BOUND originates from seafaring and describes a ship that has been loaded in port and is ready to sail.
In this context, OUTWARD BOUND means for us to be ready to face new challenges – especially in nature, to learn perseverance, to take responsibility, to show consideration and to expand boundaries together. Be ready for an active and responsible lifestyle!
With this philosophy and the associated concept, we are successfully represented in over 35 countries worldwide and are now Germany’s oldest experiential education institution with over 65 years of experience.

Our values

Our goals

Our way of working

“To Serve, To Strive and Not To yield”

Guiding principle of OUTWARD BOUND schools all over the world

As a recognized child and youth welfare organization, we support more than 7,000 pupils, trainees, students and other participant groups of social institutions in their individual development as individuals and in their cooperation in groups every year.

The following mission statement formulates the values of OUTWARD BOUND Germany, marks the goals that are pursued in the courses and names the essential components of our way of working.

Assume responsibility

We support our participants in taking charge of their own lives as self-responsible, self-confident individuals and in preparing for the great journey into life.