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OUTWARD BOUND Germany - part of the global organization OUTWARD BOUND International

OUTWARD BOUND International

OUTWARD BOUND International is represented by OUTWARD BOUND schools in over 35 countries around the world. The committee of OUTWARD BOUND International controls the pedagogical quality of experiential education programs and the safety of the measures and the equipment/infrastructure used within the framework of annual safety reviews worldwide.
President since 2014: Iain Peter, Scotland


German Youth Hostel Association

OUTWARD BOUND Germany is a member of the GermanYouth Hostel Association. We are always very happy to spend the night with our groups in houses of the youth hostel association in order to collect experiences together the next day again recovered. Many thanks for the good cooperation and mutual exchange!

The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband

The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband is one of the six umbrella organizations of the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege. Under its umbrella are approximately 800 member organizations covering the entire spectrum of social work. The Paritätische is independent of party politics and denominations and is not bound to any ideology. OUTWARD BOUND Germany is very pleased to be an innovative member of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Bayern. For more information on Paritätischer in Bayern, visit www.paritaet-bayern.de.

Common Good Economy

The well-being of people and the environment is one of our highest goals within our non-profit business enterprise. Therefore, we are very happy about the passed certification, the admission as well as the cooperation as a member and balancing company and the further cooperation within the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie network!
You can find more information on this at https://www.ecogood.org/de/ and in our associated GWÖ full balance sheet.

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” An important sentence that always accompanies us in our work in and with nature. We are committed to protecting and preserving this place and bringing it closer to others. This topic should also receive more attention outside of World Environment Day. We are happy to be an official partner of the Leave No Trace organization(Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics) and look forward to many more sustainable projects together.

Federal Association of Individual and Experiential Education e.V.

OUTWARD BOUND Germany is a member of the Bundesverband Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik e.V. (Federal Association for Individual and Experiential Education ) and after successfully passing the certification process has been awarded the rating “Certainly Educational” for our group and training offers. As a leading professional association, the Federal Association has represented the diversity of the fields of work of individual and experiential education and its members since 1992. With scientific support, the association disseminates the holistic and action-oriented approach to the public. It develops quality standards for the various disciplines and advocates for the interests of its members, both nationally and internationally, at the state and national levels.

Our partners


Many thanks to deuter for their cooperation and support in providing our participants with backpacks!

Bianca Vetter Foundation

At this point a big thank you to the Bianca Vetter Foundation for the longtime support and coopoeration. This enables us, among other things, to enable even more young people from difficult social and financial backgrounds to participate in our courses!


We thank our cooperation partner Juvigo for the appreciative and profitable collaboration. We are already looking forward to welcoming many more participants to our courses.

Forggensee Yacht School

Many thanks to the Forggensee Yacht School for the terrific cooperation during our sailing and water activities. We are looking forward to many years of cooperation and hope that many more young people will be able to gain sustainable sailing experience with your support.

Salem Castle

Schule Schloss Salem is a German boarding school headquartered in the former Salem Imperial Abbey in the municipality of Salem, not far from Lake Constance. The school was founded on April 14, 1920 by Kurt Hahn, the “father” of experiential education, who also founded OUTWARD BOUND Germany in 1951/52. We continue to look forward to working with this institution!


Many thanks to RELAGS outdoor-equipment for the cooperation regarding outdoor equipment!

Technical University Munich

The “Outdoor Education” team at the School of Education at the Technical University of Munich develops and researches forward-looking educational processes in nature. Prof. Dr. Claudia Kugelmann and Ulrich Dettweiler, who are members of the TUM team, are therefore also committed to the pedagogical quality of the courses offered by OUTWARD BOUND Germany.

Alpine meeting

The Bantel family runs some youth houses in Kleinwalsertal and makes them available for OUTWARD BOUND if needed. We are very grateful for an intensive cooperation with him, his family and all employees of the houses of Alpintreff.

Canoe Kini

Many thanks to Uwe aka Kanu Kini for the good cooperation. We are already looking forward to the coming season and many wonderful hours on the lake!


Many thanks to print24 for the super support with copies and the creation of various prints! We are always happy to work with you!


We would like to thank PIXIE DESIGN for the good cooperation and the creation of stickers, company boards and signs. We are looking forward to more future collaborations/projects with you!


Many thanks to Scandisc for the great service and the good cooperation regarding the equipment of our participants!

Falcon Camp

Big thanks to the falcon camp in Schwangau! We are always happy to use your great place for our camps!

Flori’s Rad’l and ski hire

Many thanks to Flori’s Rad’l and Ski Rental for the good cooperation! We look forward to the upcoming season with you!


Many thanks to Allgai.de for the provision of image material. We are looking forward to further cooperation!

German Lawyer Hotline

Many thanks to Deutsche Anwaltshotline for the good cooperation and the serious advice!

Naturnase team

OUTWARD BOUND thanks the Naturnase team for the profitable cooperation and exchange regarding nature education and ecological seminars.

Kohla Tyrol

Many thanks to Kohla Tirol for the good cooperation and support. We are looking forward to a long lasting cooperation.


Many thanks to SALEWA for the good cooperation and support. We look forward to a long lasting and profitable cooperation in the years to come.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global framework for young people’s self-directed personal development and potential fulfillment. Following the principles developed by Kurt Hahn, OUTWARD BOUND and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award collaborate across Germany to provide participants in the Expedition portion of the program with the important experience, “You can do more than you think!”