...über 65 Jahre Erfahrung in Erlebnispädagogik und Bildungsarbeit.

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Experience your class from a whole new perspective as they make plans together and are confronted with challenging situations. For the duration of the program, surrender your daily responsibilities and concerns (24 hours when on expeditions), and allow yourself to concentrate entirely on your students.

As a fully-recognised educational establishment, we’ve been working with young people for over 60 years (please see „History“), offering school classes which take part in an OUTWARD BOUND program a broad spectrum of challenging experiences, and the chance to develop themselves.

Students try out their skills with outdoor wall climbing, rock climbing, experiencing the heigh ropes course, rappelling, taking part in mountain tours, bivouacking outdoors, overnighting in a cabin during summer and winter, snowshoeing, Alpine and cross-country skiing, and bivouacking in igloos. What remains, at the end, in addition to the memories of different challenges, are the personal experiences:

How can I help myself when extending beyond my own limits?How do I perceive our class/group? –

How do we typically react? What do we want to change?

How do my classmates see me? - What are my strengths?

How do these new experiences influence the daily routines at school and in private?

Our programs focuses on various themes:

showing consideration for others, offering and accepting assistance, giving mutual support, creating a sense of belonging, personal development, presenting one’s own viewpoint, discussing differing opinions on a professional level, taking on responsibility, setting and reaching realistically attainable goals, completing given tasks, persistence in spite of failure, celebrating pivotal moments with others, deepening social interactions, and how to handle parting – please don’t hesitate to contact us with your own ideas for your class!

Human empathy

…involves consideration not only for the students‘ own responsibilites, but also for the others involved, and being sensitive to their needs. This mutual support assists in developing trust within a team, and creating a sense of belonging. Being socially competent means being able to reflect about one’s own place within a group or a company, in addition to dealing appropriately with peers and superiors. We reveal ways in which relationships in everyday life and at the workplace can be improved by respecting and valuing others‘ opinions and differences – such as gender and diversity.

Care and responsibility

…entails individuals being responsible for themselves, their team, the nature around them, and her material resources. The ability to work conscientiously and accurately promotes self-confidence and trust within the team. We reveal ways for the students to directly feel the consequences of their own decision-making. In our programs, the impact of the students‘ punctuality or tardiness, and respect or disrespect directly influences the relationship between themselves and their surrounding nature.


…reveals itself in the ability not to give up, even when the situation is trying or unpleasant. This includes the readiness to actively applying oneself to a single task for an extended period of time, even if one hasn’t chosen the task oneself. We reveal ways how to learn endurance and stamina when dealing with challenges such as stress and time pressure, by confronting the students with unpredictable conditions such as weather, group conflicts and personal limits.

Taking the initiative

…encompasses voluntarily shaping the course of events, being constructively and critically encouraging in everyday life as well as in the company, thus contributing to a successful task outcome. Self-confidence, a clear view of the work ahead, the independent gathering of information and the acceptance of responsibility are what is needed. We reveal ways to provide the necessary room to encourage the students‘ own sense of responsibility and initiative in solving existing challenges by setting relevant tasks, where they have to find their own solutions and decisions.


We look forward to hear from you! Call 08362/9822-0 to reach us or send an email to ingo.stapperfenne@outwardbound.de

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