...über 65 Jahre Erfahrung in Erlebnispädagogik und Bildungsarbeit.

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We use nature and outdoor activities as a way to further personal development.

The course begins after breakfast, and ends with the evening meal. Within  this time frame, the trainers are responsible for the group. For additional support, a trainer is also on duty evenings and overnight.

During hikes of several days, our staff are with you and your class 24 hours a day.

The accompanying teachers are especially invited to also take part in the adventure-based education along with their classes.

1 – 3 day course

This is our brief introductory course. It is suitable for all classes, and offers the participants and accompanying educators an initial impression of our adventure-based education.

4 - 5 day course

This course is recommended for classes which have the time - after an initial period of adjustment – to go deeper into the next challenging phase of adventure-based education. Individual development and a collaborative team environment are the ultimate goals. The program is individually tailored to each class. With a two- to three-day expedition in the alpine area, the group can overnight in a bivouac/igloo, or in a self-catering cabin.

8 - 14 day course

Those classes lucky enough to have more than one week to take part in one of OUTWARD BOUND‘s extended courses have the chance not only to go on stunning mountain hikes, but also to experience overnighting in the simple beauty of the wild outdoors. Through the extended time frame, group processes develop into a more intent positive team experience, creating truly unique and unforgettable moments.

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